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What is Fear5?

Fear5 is Winnipeg's most horrific and interactive October experience, running every Friday, and Saturday in October 2021. The event features our award-winning, zombie chase called "the Cure".


A new experience, "Blind", inspired by the movie, Bird Box is sure to be the scariest experience of the year. Also, new for 2021 (and for the more timid) is a Dexter TV Show Inspired experience called "The Copycat Killer" and a VR game so terrifying you can't even buy it for home use (play 4 players all at once).

Expect fears, tears, and blood smears! This is not your grandma's walk through a forest where someone jumps at you behind every corner predictably. This is heart-pounding, scream-inducing, can't get enough, blood on your stuff true Halloween terror.

Birdbox Background.png

Check out reaction videos

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